Pakistan’s First Metaverse

The country’s first mega web3 project; The Cloud City Metaverse is coming.

The world is progressing at a rapid pace. Talks of futuristic technology have picked up and with the introduction of web3, with blockchain as a foundational element, one can begin to imagine a new world full of infinite digital possibilities. But there has been a misconception that developing nations are far from being tech literate. Pakistan took its first step to prove this theory wrong when Narsun Studios the largest Unreal Engine game development studios in the country came out with Pakistan’s first metaverse called The Cloud City Metaverse.   

To call it the first metaverse created by a developing nation at this scale won’t be wrong either. Cloud City is an MMORPG gaming based metaverse that draws on inspiration from a popular novel and movie Ready Player One to create fun and unique experiences for its players and citizens. The idea behind is complete freedom to engage and ownership of assets of every player when it comes to creating content. Not sure where to begin with TCCM? Don’t worry! This guide has you covered.

To call it the first metaverse created by a developing nation at this scale won’t be wrong either. Cloud City is an MMORPG gaming based metaverse that draws on inspiration from a popular novel and movie Ready Player One to create fun and unique experiences for its players and citizens.

What is TCCM?

The Cloud City Metaverse is a virtual world that embraces all the components that formulate web3. It is an open universe with content creation tools that anyone can utilize. In simple words, it is a new digital frontier, an environment built with hyper realistic graphics and mesmerizing gameplay which everyday users, content creators and enterprises can leverage new opportunities from. Hosted on the blockchain, it is representative of an ecosystem which allows its citizens to own their personal virtual land, build structures and rent them out, create guilds, store NFT assets, play P2E games and monetize their experience. Anyone is free to use TCCM to create their own NFTs and use the marketplace in their own way.

TCCM’s users are incentivized to enjoy a virtual world that the entire community shares. Members can use our nativein-meta token called ‘Astral’, the native currency of the ecosystem and community members can use it to buy land in TCCM, make transactions in the TCCM marketplace and trade NFTs or sell their own. The metaverse has a decentralized governance structure in which the power lies in the hands of users and ‘Astral’ holders. It is the first virtual platform of its kind where users are in complete control over the ecosystem and where user generated content holds high value.

TCCM will not only provide utility to the gaming aspect but also will include elements of socialization, ecommerce, and the provision of basic financial products/services to our users With the spirit of the metaverse in mind, all actionable NFTs will be interchangeable and adapted for use in the different TCCM product suites and future partnered games/projects.

What makes TCCM Pakistan’s First Metaverse unique

TCCM has no central authority and the entire virtual reality ecosystem is operated and governed by its users. It is the first decentralized metaverse built on Unreal Engine that gives fine-tuned graphics and lightning-fast render speeds giving extra-fine quality to TCCM users. The citizens of TCCM will enjoy insanely powerful gameplay and a complete immersive experience that is yet to be seen in any other metaverse.

Another unique and super interesting thing about TCCM is its lore. Even with such advanced features, the founders of the metaverse did not compromise on the quality of its lore. So many elements like factions, their powers, ‘Astral’, along with other TCCM games is what makes this MMORPG unique.


Earthlings, divided by their hate, formed alliances within themselves, between like-minded people. Naturally, hatred grew, eventually resulting in wars that caused destruction everywhere. Tired of the chaos that befell mankind, Earth gave up. The Nuclear Holocaust, while destroying the world, birthed a utopian paradise hovering above Earth, glimmering with sunshine, and known to all people as The Cloud City. Three factions emerged, with a view to fight for their rights and lives.

The undying greed of the Elders of the three factions forced them to send scouts to the nuked regions of Earth to see if the biosphere could hold life once again. That is when the scouts found a wonder-material ‘Astral’, which had unique properties depending on who was using it and how. The factions were again standing against each other and Cloud City had its First ‘Astral’ War.

TCCM features

In The Cloud City Metaverse, citizens can utilize the features provided to build more and play more.

     Designer tools

TCCM gives its users access to different builder tools that gives freedom of building and creating to all the citizens.
➔   With the help of creator tools, citizens of Cloud City can create NFTs, game assets including skins and avatars, and assets for the metaverse.

➔   The Builder Tools will let the citizens structure placements where they can build anything in the metaverse using assets created with Creator tools and Builder assets that the citizens purchased.

➔   The citizens can use Game Tools to animate the assets for the games as well as The Cloud City Metaverse.

Cloud Marketplace

One of the main pillars of the metaverse is the Cloud Marketplace. It will provide the ability to let our community buy and sell NFTs and other in-game items making it one of the most vital elements of the metaverse. The marketplace will spread the wealth across the whole city that will allow every citizen to participate in the economic system. This will combine the economic interests of every citizen and institutions of the city. The citizens can build and upload their own assets and mint them with the Cloud Marketplace. Every citizen will experience enhanced performance when it comes to ‘buying’ and ‘selling’ that will be done in a few clicks.

Cloud Launcher

The Cloud Launcher which will allow the citizens access their assets list and experience different games, marketplace, and events without any hassle. Want to switch between the games and the metaverse? The TCCM launcher will make the switch smooth for you.

Vesting Portal

The Cloud City Metaverse team has built the vesting portal that will ensure the integrity and trust of people investing in the project by giving the necessary details on their investment. Our vesting contracts will keep our early investors, members, and partners in loop of our vesting schedule and will build a trustworthy relationship.

Owning Lands

Land in TCCM is of central importance. The lands are not a requirement for gameplay, but still landowners will have significant in-game and economical advantages over nomads. Citizens’ ownership over their land is secured through the first layer of the system as the system tracks and records purchases and ownership of VR parcels on TCCM.


To make things more interesting, The Cloud City Metaverse offers challenging quests that citizens may complete in order to gain a reward. It can be in the form of loot or Astrals. Challenging tasks pertain to not just the scope of the MMORPG but the entire Cloud City ecosystem. Citizens from all factions have to take-on and complete these quests to be able to rank up and earn drops and ‘Astral’. These quests will enable citizens to stand out should they conquer them with zeal and grit. To journey into one of these quests, citizens will have to find them scattered throughout the game map, via custodians who are NPCs, as well as in-game quests of arcade games like in the CGP.


The three factions, blinded by their fury, conducted research independently and found out the true potential of ‘Astral’:

●     Instant healing capabilities
    Quark fusion reaction (weaponry)
    Rare buildingelement

The factions’ extensive study made them specialize in one or more domains of ‘Astral’ that they thought are the most beneficial for mankind. Each faction has its own beliefs of how Astral should be used but since no faction agrees with the other, they must win the wonder-material by might.

Dominion of Chaos

People of DoC only want to end mankind and start the era of mutants that will rule the Cloud City. They rely solely on their brute strength and their mutation abilities.

Faction Perks

Super strength, rudimentary weaponry (strength based)

Primary Use

➔   Mutation
➔   Quark Fusion reaction (weaponry)

Secondary Use

➔   Instant healing capabilities.
➔   Artificial Astral. (human blood + Astral = more Astral)
➔   Rare building element.

Golden Covenant

These descendants of the pioneers of Cloud City have become introspective and nothing concerns them now, except their greed. They want to use ‘Astral’ to build and make weapons with the help of quark reaction.

Faction Perks

Building tinkering, weaponry arsenal.

Primary Use

➔   Rare building element.
➔   Quark Fusion reaction (weaponry)

Secondary Use

➔   Mutation
➔   Artificial Astral. (human blood + Astral = more Astral)
➔   Instant healing capabilities.

Solar Blades

Solar Blades believe in harmony and peace but with morals of their own. They think the use of Astrals can bring all these factions back to their former peace so they use it to cure the corrupted ones and cleanse the false deities.

Faction Perks

Healing and Curing, Artificial Astral.

Primary Use

➔   Instant healing capabilities.
➔   Artificial Astral. (human blood + Astral = more Astral)

Secondary Use

➔   Mutation
➔   Quark Fusion reaction (weaponry)
➔   Rare building element

Core Loop

Governance control is at the heart of the coreloop of the game. The faction that collects the most ‘Astral’ controls the Cloud City and stands to benefit the most. To collect ‘Astral’, factions have to participate in The Cloud City's wars, quests and participate in games. They must cater to supporting their dominion, and hence look after market needs andwin staking pools. The progress of each faction is tracked via the Faction Leaderboard. With hold of governance in the Cloud City come exciting rewards for factions, which makes it all the more fun to fight and gain control of the city in the sky!


‘Astral’ can be used for customization and purchasing of legendary skins, or making your avatar your own. Be yourself when using the metaverse. Show off your cool look and equip yourself with fashionable accessories.

Cloud Grand Prix

Cloud Grand Prix (CGP) is a Play and Earn arcade racing game in Pakistan's First Metaverse TCCM’s ecosystem that takes the player through a mesmerizing racing experience. While the game is free to play, racers can purchase upgraded vehicles and power ups in the form of NFTs. Players will have to hone their skills if they are to immerse themselves in competitive gameplay, win and rank up to compete amongst champions.

Game Vehicles

Vehicles in Cloud Grand Prix will have different primary and secondary attributes with these main categories:

Strength: This category has higher Resistance and Toughness attributes, for example trucks.
Agility: This category has higher Acceleration and Top speed attributes, for example Bikes.
Focus: This category has better Handling, Health regen attributes, for example Cars.

Game NFTs

CGP NFTs are assets that will have in-game use cases, like weapons or vehicles, or upgrades. Players will skill up these assets and enjoy the perks or trade their skilled up NFTs in secondary NFT marketplaces.

Business Model

TCCM is Pakistan's first metaverse where the lands, business enclaves, gaming platforms are still relatively new concepts. With time, TCCM’s business model will evolve, but the ultimate goal is to create a platform that others can build on and then monetize their creations. The content will be created by users and owned by users giving its users the ultimate freedom and power. Citizens can subscribe and convert their characters to an NFT. Any additional characters that are generated will require staking of ‘Astral’ amount to be saved.

An essential part of TCCM’s business model is the decentralized governance of this virtual world meaning the people who use the project or are invested in it will decide its future via a DAO where they can shape the future of this metaverse.

TCCM is a fully decentralized metaverse with agonal of giving its users complete autonomy and control of this world. Those who belong to the DAO are able to control the policies of the metaverse, determine what kinds of wearables are allowed, moderate content, and create policies around the use of ‘Astral’.


The Cloud City Metaverse marketplace will use smart contracts to control asset auctions and transactions. This will be an open marketplace for creators and developers to trade in-game assets with platform users freely. Moreover, economic principles of supply and demand will be automatically integrated into the system, allowing the community to determine the fair price of user-generated digital assets.

Businesses and e-Commerce

Engage directly with The Cloud City Metaverse to accelerate growth for your business

●     Build custom environments for your business needs. Want to show your engineers live tutorials remotely? Our hyper realistic graphics are perfect for that.
●     Start imagining your operations in Web3. Talk with us about how we can help. ●     Market your products and clients in the glamor of the meta
●     Showcase your art in TCCM art exhibitions
●     Create & Sell your NFTs in our marketplace. Browse through them, meta style. ●     Convert your NFT collections into metaverse skins
●     List your games in our game launcher
●     Bring your guild to the metaverse and play from a large portfolio of games
●     Create a metaverse based product

This is only the beginning. There are tons of features and exciting content that is being built. For now, the factions need to awaken and gather themselves. Join our Discord and see what must be done. Follow us on Twitter and explore TCCM, a virtuality filled with opportunities to dream of! Pick a side. Harvest resources. Build up influence. Be who YOU want to be. See you there!

Author: TCCM Team


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